About the actor: Lucas Till had a leading role in Battle: Los Angeles and portrayed a young Johnny Cash in the Oscar winning film Walk the Line. Some of Till's early work includes starring opposite to Jackie Chan in The Spy Next Door and Miley Cyrus in Hanna Montana: The Movie.  

AKA: Sean Cassidy
While this goofy red-head may be inept at flirting; he still shows his worth in the ranks of First Class. Banshee's powerful lungs, throat, and vocal chords allow him to produce a sonic scream capable of shattering glass. While good for stunning enemies, his powerful voice can also be used as a type of radar and, with the help of certain equipment, even allows him to fly. Like his teammates, it's only through Xavier's patient tutelage that his full potential is realized.
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About the actor: Caleb Landry Jones has appeared in many major films including No Country for Old Men and The Social Network. He has also had recurring roles in the television series Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights.      

AKA: Angel Salvadore
Angel Salvadore is a young dancer who possesses a beautiful set of dragonfly wings. Don't get too close though, as she can also shoot acid projectiles from her mouth. Early trailers have depicted her meeting Charles and Eric who politely offer her a job "that doesn't involve taking your clothes off". Whether she shares her employer's faith in humanity remains to be seen.  

About the actor: Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Kravitz made her acting debut in 2007's No Reservations which starred Catherine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart.      

AKA: Armando Munoz
As his name suggests, Darwin's power has to do with evolution. His mutation allows him to alter his body to suite his environment, growing gills when under water or gaining night vision when the sun goes down. He is among the first mutants recruited to join the X-Men, but soon finds himself at a crossroads between Charles Xavier's dream of mutant prosperity and Sebastian Shaw's goal of world domination.       

About the actor: Edi Gathegi had a notable recurring role as Dr. Cole in the FOX medical drama House, and also portrayed the vampire Laurent in the films Twilight, and New Moon. His other acting credentials include Gone Baby Gone, directed by Ben Affleck, and Crank with Jason Statham.

The Hellfire Club
Facing off against the X-Men in the new movie is The Hellfire Club, a group of socially elite mutants bent on world domination. The Clubs leader, Sebastian Shaw hopes to start a war among humanity that will end with mutants inheriting the earth. Below are the clubs members.    

Black King

AKA: Sebastian Shaw
The lead villain of X-Men: First Class, Sebastian Shaw was a Nazi collaborator whose early studies on mutation destroyed the life of young Erik Lehnsherr. Now, as leader of the Hellfire Club, Shaw hopes to use the escalating tension of the Cold War to his advantage and sets off a chain of events that put the entire world in jeopardy. As a mutant, Shaw has the power to absorb kinetic energy and re-channel it, using it to create explosions or grant him super strength. Recent trailers have also shown him donning a particular helmet that fans of the X-series will find all too familiar.
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