Because we have chosen to dwell in the Secret place of God, He has covered us with His love, peace and comfort! That my friend is the only reason we are surviving!  We have a hope that we will be reunited with Mommy and one day soon we'll spend eternity with her and the Lord.


After praying, I chose to share this private experience with you because I believe that there are many of you reading this devotional today that are enduring the same situation. The enemy can torment you when you have prayed and held on to your faith for God to heal.  But, there are times that He chooses to heal ultimately by taking our loved ones to heaven. It is a grand entrance into an eternal perfect place.  Our faith was strong in God that whatever He chose to do, we could accept.  Mommy was no longer ours but she was His child and through every moment of endless battle, He was there.  Hold on to the Lord, I promise He will see you through.  In this life we will go through many things, but God promises to be with us.  Remember this, "When the storms of your heart, seem overwhelming, Jesus will always stay in the boat with you!"  Peace to you my brothers and sisters!


Dr. Shelia Isom

Experiencing Revival Devotional



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