Last year, I wrote an article about my family and the books we read together on Christmas Eve. With another year gone by, and a new Christmas on its way, I felt compelled to expand my list of classic books for the Holiday season. So, here are ten more books families can enjoy together this Christmas. 



The Jolly Christmas Postman - by Allan Ahlberg

Its Christmas time in the land of fairy tales, and the Jolly Postman must make his deliveries to familiar characters like Humpty Dumpty, Red Riding Hood, and the Gingerbread boy. The book contains a number of picture puzzles and tiny letters between characters, fun additions that will make it a big hit among kids. 


Who's that Knocking on Christmas Eve? - by Jan Brett

Author/illustrator Jan Brett has certainly made a name for herself with picturesque winter tales. Every year, trolls knock down Kyri's door and eat her Christmas feast. But things change this year when a boy and his pet polar bear stop by on their way to Oslo. As usual, Brett's illustrations are a wonder to look at, and this story remains a great addition to a long line of books.    

Jacob's Gift - Max Lucado

Young Jacob has a gift for carpentry, and wants more than anything to win the approval of his teacher, Rabbi Simeon. One night, while staying late to work on his final project, he sees a bright light over his father's stable and discovers a man, woman, and newborn baby inside. This book stands as a reminder that when you give to another, it's like giving a gift to God. 


Miracle in a Shoebox - by Franklin Graham and Estelle Condra

If you're looking for inspiration to join Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan's Purse, this book will do it. A nine-year-old boy and his sister learn about compassion and sacrifice when they send presents to children in war-torn Bosnia. The story then shifts to the packages recipients and the hope that is kindled from their gifts.


A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree - by Colleen and Michael Monroe      

A charming tale for adults and kids alike, when an overgrown pine is passed over yet again for chance to become a Christmas tree, his woodland friends come to his aid. While the tree sleeps, they decorate him in their own Christmas ornaments, turning him into their own magical Christmas tree. It's a sweet tale that helps us remember how everyone needs to be loved.