Well, it's officially summer, and our favorite programs have once again packed their bags and headed out until the cold winds of fall drive us back to our sofas. In the meantime though, TheFish.com is giving you an inside look at what television series you can expect to see when that day comes, and which members of the new crop appear the most promising. Take a moment to check out these all new shows coming this fall to NBC.



What's it About: Fifteen years ago, the entire world experienced a sudden and unexplained blackout. Every piece of technology, from airplanes to batteries, was permanently shut down, and in the wake of the disaster humanity was forced to adapt to a world without power. In the middle of it all is the Matheson family, who possess an amulet that may be the key to explaining what happened all those many years ago. However, they must fight to protect it from warlords and bandits who also desire its secret.     

First Impressions: J.J. Abrams produced the show, and he's usually a safe bet. Plus, a TV show with a post-apocalyptic storyline is always something worth checking out. It's pretty clear that NBC is banking on Revolution becoming TV's next big drama, but Fox made a similar gamble last year with Terra Nova, and that series ended as one expensive cancellation. Only time will tell for Revolution.             

Final Verdict: Watch  

*Click here to watch the trailer for NBC's Revolution


Go On

What's it About: Matthew Perry stars as Ryan King, a talented sportscaster who joins a support group after the death of his wife. King's sarcastic personality causes disarray among his fellow group members, and after discovering that their leader's (Laura Benanti) only qualifications consist of a "Weight Watchers" membership, King decides to take the reins of the support group himself, introducing his own brand of therapy in a One-Flew-Over-the-Cuckoo's-Nest style fashion.

First Impressions: Too soon to call, really. Go On has some potential in it, but Matthew Perry's last show, Mr. Sunshine, didn't pan out and this one has a similar feel. The show's trailer also flirts with dark humor, and that can easily fall apart if not handled correctly.

Final Verdict: Undetermined  

*Click here to watch the trailer for NBC's Go On

The New Normal

What's it About: After single mom Goldie (Georgia King) walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her, she and her daughter (Bebe Wood) head to California with hopes of starting a new life. At her daughters urging, Goldie agrees to become the surrogate mother for a young gay couple (Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha) who promise to help her pay for law school in return for her maternal services. Then, just when things are finally starting to look up, Goldie's racist grandmother arrives…       

First Impressions: Conservatives will hate it, Christians won't touch it, and the show just doesn't seem clever or funny enough to carve out the niche audience it needs to survive. We recommend Ryan Murphy stick to Glee.          

Final Verdict: Pass  

*Click here to watch the trailer for NBC's The New Normal