Animal Practice

What's it About: In this new comedy, Weeds alum Justin Kirk plays Dr. George Coleman, a talented veterinarian who loves animals and despises their owners. Unfortunately, the arrival of a new hospital director puts Coleman and his unorthodox methods in the spotlight. To keep his job and help the animals he so loves, this quirky caretaker must learn to treat humans with the same affection he shows their pets. Not an easy task when your closest friend is a trained monkey.           

First Impressions: House meets Dr. Dolittle? Eh, we're not feeling it. They say you should never work with children or animals, and a show about an animal hospital seems doomed to cancellation even if it scores good rating. Still, Justin Kirk can be pretty hilarious, and the show has already gained a small following online, maybe it's worth a shot?         

Final Verdict: Watch      

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Guys with Kids

What's it About: Three men in their thirties (Anthony Anderson, Zach Cregger, and Jesse Bradford) must navigate life as young fathers while still attempting to grow up themselves. With each one living in their own unique stage of life, ranging from newly divorced to married with several children, the three of them meet frequently to trade their misguided advice, which usually ends in disastrous results.  

First Impressions: We don't really see this one having an audience. Even if it did have the occasional laugh, it's unlikely that guys (with kids or otherwise) will be tuning in to watch.              

Final Verdict: Pass      

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Chicago Fire

What's it About: NBC's final fall drama follows the lives and relationships of the men and women working in Chicago Firehouse-55. While its characters range from the firefighters to the paramedics, particular focus is given to the emerging rivalry between firefighter Matthew Casey (House's Jesse Spencer) and Squad member Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) after the death of their mutual friend and colleague.           

First Impressions: Am I the only one who thinks these guys are way too pretty to be firemen? Seriously, this show looks like Grey's Anatomy with fire trucks, which probably means it will do well regardless of whether it's actually any good. Also, the show was produced by Dick Wolf, the same mind behind the Law & Order franchise, see previous comment.      

Final Verdict: Undetermined       

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*This Article First Published 5/30/2012