Unlike most stations, you never quite know what the Fox network has up its sleeve. ABC will forever target the family audience while the CW shamelessly caters to young women, but Fox always seems to produce a group of shows that are entirely their own. Whether or not any of them succeed largely depends on you, the viewer. Here are advanced previews of the new TV series coming to Fox this fall.         

The Mindy Project

What's it About: Fox's newest comedy stars The Office's Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, a young physician trying to manage her personal and professional life while simultaneously searching for Mr. Right.         

First Impressions: Even with the cavalcade of Office alums and SNL co-stars Kaling is bringing to the series, The Mindy Project comes across as anything but funny. The show's trailer left us feeling bored, and if a three minute clip could do that we can only imagine what a full episode is capable of. Besides, TV has too many "Doctor" shows already.    

Final Verdict: Pass

*Click here to watch the trailer for Fox's The Mindy Project     



The Goodwin Games

What's it About: After the unexpected passing of Benjamin Goodwin (Beau Bridges), his three estranged children are summoned to the reading of his will. Henry, the oldest, is an over-achieving doctor. The middle child, Chloe, is a former child prodigy who squandered her talent in favor of popularity. Jimmy, the youngest of the three, is a dim-witted ex-con who's trying to reconnect with his daughter while on the run from loan sharks. The three siblings learn their father has left them a 20 million dollar inheritance, but they must compete for it in challenges he specially designed for them. As the games begin however, they realize these unique challenges are their father's last attempt to make them the family they were always supposed to be.   

First Impressions: This series has heart. It doesn't come across as the funniest thing on TV, but the trailer has a couple laughs and it will strike a chord with anyone who has siblings. We'll take a risk on this dark horse and give it a shot.

Final verdict: Watch       

*Click here to watch the trailer for Fox's The Goodwin Game  


The Following  

What's it About: Years ago, FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) succeeded in capturing the infamous serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) and putting him behind bars for life. Now Carroll has escaped, and the Bureau calls in a disillusioned Hardy to consult on the case. As the mysteries behind the case begin to unravel, Hardy realizes to his horror that Carroll has been using his time in prison to amass a following of devotees whom he has trained as ruthless killers. Hardy and his allies must now fight to keep the web of murder from expanding, all the while searching for the group's notorious ringleader.             

First Impressions: Promising. The series has a talented cast attached to it, and procedural crime dramas have a way of getting results. We wouldn't be surprised if this show became one of the fall's bigger hits.  

Final Verdict: Watch   

*Click here to watch the trailer for Fox's The Following