Last year was a very successful season for ABC. The sinister soap Revenge became a runaway hit with viewers, and the Disney inspired Once Upon A Time enchanted audiences everywhere. Judging from the number of pilots being released this fall (A whopping 10 new shows), ABC is hoping to use this newfound momentum to drive home a number of its upcoming series. Whether this broadcasting giant has traded "quality" for "quantity" though, has yet to be seen. Thankfully, you can decide for yourself with these previews of the ten new series coming this fall to ABC.  


Last Resort

What's it About: When the crew of a nuclear submarine refuses orders to fire on a city in Pakistan, they are branded traitors by the government and forced to seek refuge on the island of Sainte Marina. Once there, they seize control of the island and declare themselves a sovereign nation with a nuclear arsenal. Now the crew must root out the conspiracy and prove their innocence, all while dealing with the island's native population. Scott Speedman and Andre Braugher star as Sam Kendal and Capt. Marcus Chaplin.       

First Impressions: We're guessing Last Resort will probably end up competing with Revolution as the seasons' top new drama. Much like its NBC rival, ABC appears to have spared no expense in creating this massive Crimson Tide meets Mission Impossible brainchild. For the most part it looks like it will be a good series, and if it manages to pick up steam, it may be able to take the vacant seat left behind by 24.

Final Verdict: Watch

*Click here to watch the trailer for ABC's Last Resort.



666 Park Avenue

What's it About: Henry and Jane think they've landed their dream job when they become the new resident managers for The Drake, New York's premier apartment complex. Little do they realize that by signing their contracts they have essentially entered into a Faustian agreement with the building's mysterious owner (Terry O'Quinn). The Drake can make all your dreams come true, but there's a price to pay, and it may be your soul.         

First Impressions: Supernatural dramas are usually hit or miss but this one might have what it takes to survive. No one can do evil like Terry O'Quinn, and if the battle between temptation and virtue is done correctly it could grow into a strong show.  

Final Verdict: Undetermined     

*Click here to watch the trailer for ABC's 666 Park Avenue.



What's it About: Alyssa Milano stars as a woman who…you know what? You can probably figure it out by yourself.