CBS has gained a reputation as a sitcom powerhouse thanks to programs like Mike & Molly, The Big Bang Theory, and the oddly popular Two Broke Girls. Lately however, this broadcasting company has set its sights on the drama front, due to the success of shows like Blue Bloods and Person of Interest. With three dramas and only one new sitcom on their way, it is clear CBS hopes to gain new ground come this fall. Here are previews for the new series coming to CBS.            



What's it About: Leading the pack in CBS's new fall lineup is Elementary, a modern adaption of the life and cases of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's master detective. Here, Sherlock Holmes (played by Jonny Lee Miller) is a recovering drug addict with a knack for deduction and self-destructive behavior. To help him make the transition from rehab to daily life, Holmes is assigned to Dr. Joan Watson (played by Lucy Liu in a dramatic gender swap) who acts the part of medical assistant and personal parole officer. Despite their initial feelings for one another, the two eventually form a close friendship as they delve into the mysteries surroundings New York's most sinister crimes.                    

First Impressions: There are a lot of reasons for Elementary to succeed and a lot of reasons why it may fail instead. As strength's go, a modern rendition of Sherlock Holmes' classic cases is nothing to sneeze at, and it will be interesting to see how tales from Victorian London translate to present day New York. Also, it will be exciting to see Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu perform in new roles they can really sink their teeth into. Now for the bad news, Elementary will almost surely be competing with Sherlock, another modern version of the classic detective that airs on BBC and which already holds a formidable fan base. If that weren't enough, Holmes purists have already begun voicing their dissent at Dr. Watson's gender change. Let's hope Elementary has as much potential as CBS believes, it's going to need it.                             

Final Verdict: Watch  

*Click here to watch the trailer for Elementary. 




What's it About: Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, and Carrie-Anne Moss assemble to bring you a look at the founding of America's most notorious city. Back in 1960, Vegas was nothing more than a dusty town where former sheriff Ralph Lamb (Quaid) hoped to live out his days in peace. All that changes when a group of ambitious business moguls start building hotels and casinos all along the strip, attracting the notice of mobsters like Vincent Savino (Chiklis) who hope to profit off the new enterprise. With crime on the rise, Lamb must join forces with District Attorney Katherine O'Connell (Moss) to bring justice back to the city of Vegas.