First Impressions: Oddly enough, Quaid looks somewhat out of place in the trailer for this Wild West crime drama. Chiklis, on the other hand, appears to be totally in his element, and it may be worth watching just to see his performance. As for Moss, she has yet to stand out, though as the series female lead she's likely to get plenty of opportunities. While the show itself has a good concept, dramas about bygone days have failed before (see Pan Am and The Playboy Club). So really, who know where this one will eventually land?

Final Verdict: Undetermined

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Made in Jersey

What's it About: Actress Janet Montgomery is swapping out her British accent for a Jersey one in a new drama that looks like a mash-up between USA's Fairly Legal and My Cousin Vinny. Martina Garretti (Montgomery) is a streetwise, New Jersey lawyer who has just been accepted into a posh New York City law firm. Despite her colleagues initial skepticism she quickly establishes herself as a sharp, legal mind. Now if only she can find a way to survive her overbearing family.  

First Impressions: Ah, the "Single-Female-Lawyer" routine, haven't seen that in a while. Ok, so maybe the show's concept is old hat, it doesn't change the fact that Montgomery absolutely shines in her new role. Overall, the show might have to do a little work in order to stand out, but who doesn't love an underdog?       

Final Verdict: Watch         

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What's it About: Louis and Joe (Ugly Betty's Michael Urie and Numb3rs David Krumholtz) have been best friends ever since they were kids, despite being different in practically every way. Joe is cautious, modest, and straight while Louise is impulsive, overbearing, and gay. Now as adults, their friendship is suddenly tested when Joe becomes engaged, and Louis's attempts at supporting his friend end up creating chaos for the would-be couple.  

First Impressions: The trailer tries hard to be funny but we can't pretend we're amused. For the most part, this just looks like your average CBS sitcom (likable characters, obvious storylines, and a lot of studio laughter). Our guess is it will probably end up competing with The New Normal for an audience.      

Final Verdict: Pass                   

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*This article first published 6/19/2012