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Too Busy For God

  • 2012 16 Aug
Too Busy For God

Where has this year gone?! Kids have started back to school! Fall will be here before you know it! Apparently time flies whether you're having fun or not!

This year has been especially busy for me. I have had the high honor and privilege of producing our (The Blackwood Brothers) new record for Daywind, entitled, "Sweet Songs About Heaven." (If it seems like I'm throwing in a plug for our new CD that's because that's exactly what I'm doing.)

But added to our travel schedule, being a husband to my absolutely wonderful wife and daddy to my children (all of which is a blessing); it has made for a very busy year, which brings me to the subject for this article.

I think that most people, when reading a title like "Too Busy For God", would automatically think a story with that title would be a sermon on how we as Christians allow too many things to distract us from the Lord. "We're just too busy for God; we watch too much t.v. and spend too much time on the internet; too much time at the lake", etc.

I want to propose that there is another way to be too busy for God that does just as much, if not more, harm to the Christian life and witness than the folks who don't have time for God. It's the folks who are consumed with what appears to be service and devotion and always there to do whatever is needed that may have an appearance of godliness and all those ‘good' things, but which may actually be motivated by some ‘not-so-good' things.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a fair percentage of church-goers who have believed the lie that they are still somehow under the law and have to perform to earn God's favor. Those who ‘do' more are often those we esteem as somehow ‘more spiritual' than those who don't ‘do' as much. Now, only God knows the motives of each heart and I am not sitting in a place of judgement. I cannot know anyone's heart, and what others do and why they do it is between them and the Lord. I'm just thinking that sometimes we think God is impressed with how much we're ‘doing' when He might be much happier if we just wanted to ‘be' with Him. Someone once wisely noted that we are human ‘beings', not human ‘doings'.

I remember a time when my oldest daughter was about seven or eight. I was out planting tulips in our front flower bed. She asked if she could ‘help' me. I told her I would love to have her help. As I took her little hands in mine and she ‘helped' me plant the bulbs, I loved teaching her and sharing that experience with her. It probably took me twice as long with her ‘help', but the treasure of the shared memory warms my heart to this day.

She was ‘doing' something with me, but the key is ‘with me.' In the midst of her ‘doing' she was ‘being' with me. Sometimes I think that God lets us ‘help' even though He could do the job much better and faster without us, but He chooses to let us in on the work because He just enjoys being with His children.

Do you enjoy what you do for the Lord? Do you sense His participation? Do you feel His presence? Those are questions that can help us determine if we've really partnered with God and, as Henry Blackaby described in his excellent book, "Experiencing God," joined Him in His work. Or do you have a sense of duty and drudgery, or worse yet, fear that if you don't do thus and so that God will somehow not be pleased with you?

God is already pleased with you. You're His child. He loves you with an unconditional love. Furthermore, He delights in you! And He invites us to ‘help' Him in His work. If we are in right relationship with Him our work will not be something we've got to do, but something we get to do.

Lord, let my service to You and others be motivated by a heart of gratitude for what You have done and the pleasure You get from a child who just wants to be with You and enjoys working alongside You.