Assassin's Creed III has been out for a few weeks now, and I've been trying to play it ever since launch day on my Playstation 3. I think the words I just used there, "TRYING to play it", are pretty much a summation of my feelings for this game. It's just SO. DANG. BORING. I keep trying and trying to like it as much as I enjoyed the prior entries to the series, but the game is making it nearly impossible to do so.

First off, the easy stuff. Ubisoft (the game's publisher) is kind of notorious for pushing out games that aren't quite finished. There are glitches throughout this game that, while never breaking anything other than immersion, make it tough to fully enjoy. I can think of instances where characters pass through each other, one character's voice is speaking but his mouth isn't moving, just little things like that. They all add up to a game that doesn't feel nearly as polished as a $60 game should be. Perhaps the PC version, which was released three weeks or so after the console version, rectifies all of these issues (but I don't bet on it). If you can get past these types of issues in daily life, then this probably won't bother you. But, if you're a little bit detail-oriented (or compulsive, whatever), this will annoy you throughout your entire time playing the game.