Cheri Fuller
Bethany House, 2013, 224 pp., $12.99

Being raised by a single mom, I get What a Son Needs from His Mom. My mom was not perfect, but she knew how say the right things at the right time, when to be tough and when to comfort me. As a father of two boys and a girl, I sometimes envy my wife's relationship with our boys. She has a way with them I do not (but I am OK with that). It would seem Fuller and every other mom got the memo; in fact, I think this book is the memo.

Cheri shares her wisdom from raising two boys of her own and has a gentle word toward moms who lack the confidence to believe in their own influence, believing that kind of influence is meant only for dads. Some moms have no choice whether by death, divorce or abandonment but to be the sole influencer if they have boys. Fuller makes it easy for those moms to step into the role with stories of her own life, as well as other moms.

Fuller breaks the book down into straightforward chapters, explaining step by step in some cases a mom's role in shaping her son's character, emotional wellbeing and eventual release to manhood. Each chapter is further broken down by looking at what boys need and at what age. Each chapter concludes with a set of questions that makes this book perfect for a women's ministry or young mother's Bible study.