Leneita Fix and Jeffrey Wallace
Group Publishing, 2012, 113 pp., $9.99

We've become a culture where everything and everyone overlaps somehow. Summations that once linked to a demographic, such as rural, suburban or urban no longer seem to exist as they once did. Everyone is trying to survive somehow, including students who seem to be doing well but secretly are dying inside.

For this reason, the authors put a new spin on the concept of what being urban means. Perhaps it's less defined by a living condition and more by a spiritual condition. Urban students need to know someone has their back, including God. We play a vital role in meeting them where they are and uncovering who God made them to be.

So, why the wordplay on being urban versus unchurched? Maybe we need to shock our brains into realizing how different things are today as opposed to when many of us grew up. It's easy to feel as if one has nothing in common with someone from the streets, which requires a person to become more of a missionary in his or her method of outreach. Arguably, every student needs this from us, including the ones we feel are just like us. Thankfully, these authors effectively reveal philosophy and programming needed to lift the hood off the 'hood in your own neighborhood.