I've taken much heat over my position with MAF and their 'antics and drills' surrounding Cindy Sheehan. These antics are starting to wear on others too, read a blog posting from Miami...

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This "Battle of the Protestors" is idiotic. Sorry to say it, but the reason that the turnouts for the counter protests have been so lame is because most people understand the meaning of the old Chinese proverb, "Only a fool argues with a fool."

Most of the American public long ago dismissed Sheehan and her crowd as cowardly, unemployed simpletons who have nothing better to do than to look for some way to continue their never-ending vent about the humiliating losses they suffered in the last two Presidential elections.

The only thing that all these "Support the Troops" counter protests accomplish is to bring more attention to Mother Sheehan and the goofball left. Arguing with them is like arguing with a friggin' two-year old. Their act was stale a month ago, but thanks mainly to the offended howls of people (allegedly) on the right, they've managed to stage a comeback. Good grief.

One of the Free Republic organizers (sponsors) has asked for equal time on my show to discuss, in the morning at 6AM we'll have this conversation.