Christians must realize that the Bible does not command wives to submit to abuse , according to a northern California group that tries to help victims of domestic violence.

...Women Escaping a Violent Environment , or WEAVE, recently ran full-page ads in several newspapers urging conservative Christians to reach out to victims of domestic violence. The ads are the result of a deadly case of domestic violence four years ago involving Janice Castorena, a Sunday school teacher and church leader who was stabbed to death in her Sacramento home, according to Sacramento television station KCRA . Her husband was charged with murder, the station reported. Friends of Castorena said she believed the Bible commanded her to submit to her husband's abuse and to keep forgiving him, according to the report.

...Evangelicals have been wary of groups such as WEAVE, suspecting they were undermining marriage, Shireen Miles of WEAVE said. But that has changed somewhat when it comes to protecting women and their children who are being harmed, and some evangelicals have become partners with women's advocates, she said.