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How the Church Can Reclaim Art's Draw & Creative Power

Art was once the domain of the Church: Christians created art that glorified God and drew people closer to His Son. Today, however, much of the Church neglects or underemphasizes God-given creativity. Here's how to cast a vision For the Beauty of the Church.

Another Gospel?

The "different gospel" to which the Galatians were turning went something like this: Repent and believe in Jesus, showing that you really want to be a child of Abraham by submitting to circumcision and certain other regulations. Or, faith + works = salvation.

Make Them Agree to Kill the Death Tax

The death tax was reduced to zero in 2010, but will lurch from its grave on Jan. 1, 2011 and haunt small businesses worth $1 million or more. If not repealed, it could destroy many family-owned enterprises.

Pastors - Not Government - Should Decide Whether to Speak about Candidates from Pulpit

We're not recommending that pastors should routinely endorse or oppose various candidates in political elections. Many pastors might decide never to do this. But whose decision should it be?

Stool Repair 101: A Commentary on the State of the Pillars of Family

Marriage, sex, and children go together like the three legs of a balanced stool. Or at least they did until what by historical standards is just yesterday.


All Hallows Eve & Hallowing God: The Critical Difference & the Critical Link

To pray sincerely, "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name," is to acknowledge that our God is Lord of all; that He rules over the seen and unseen world, the day and the night, the seasons and forces of nature, life and death, angels and devils.

Halloween's Sexualized Celebrations

Halloween costume options for pre-teen girls and teens are becoming hyper-sexualized. Why encourage young girls to masquerade as sexually available young adults?

Christians Devise a Number of Alternatives to Halloween

Opting out of traditional Halloween celebrations doesn't mean you have to hide in the basement.

Reformation Day: A Mighty Fortress is Our God

The protests that were publicly nailed to the Wittenberg Cathedral door on October 31, 1517 began the most dramatic reform within Christianity—one that also prompted their author to also pen a hymn of bold affirmation of our mighty God.

  • Lucy Neeley Adams |
  • October 28, 2010 |
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All Saints Day - November 1

All Saints Day serves as an annual reminder that every follower of Christ belongs to something very big and... ancient.

For Such a Time as This: Female Heroes of the Faith

We all have a purpose — each and every one of us, regardless of our station or circumstances in life. Will we, like Esther and Joan and Rosa and Li Ying, be found faithful?

Aid Groups Race to Stop Haiti Cholera Outbreak

As a deadly cholera outbreak spreads through contaminated waters toward the crowded capital of Port-au-Prince, aid groups are racing to provide clean water and treatment for a highly vulnerable population.

Religious Attacks in Political Ads: What Goes Around Comes Around

The quest for victory in politics and power often brings out the worst in people. Central Florida congressman Alan Grayson's recent ad attacking his opponent Daniel Webster and caricaturing his Christianity is a case in point.

Engineering the Earth: From Wacky to Necessary?

The self-appointed guardians of the earth are tired of trying to change peoples' minds about global warming. So now they'll just change the globe instead.

Dr. Harry Kraus on How the Church Has Domesticated Jesus

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild? Or, have we forgotten how wild and untamed the Lord really is? We interview the author of Domesticated Jesus to find out.

Will Evangelicalism Die or Revive: An Excerpt from My Almost for His Highest

Once there was a highway to heaven, full of born-again souls on a pilgrimage to their heavenly Zion. That highway is quickly being paved over with the veneer of casual Christianity. What is the cause of our sickness? Why is evangelicalism dying?

Bankruptcy in the Cathedral

It turns out that Robert Schuller offers the best analysis of this crisis with his own words. "No church has a money problem; churches only have idea problems." The theological crisis in Garden Grove is far more significant than the financial crisis.

How You Can Know the Will of God

The reason why so many people are asking what is the meaning of life is simple: you and I and everyone else are all hardwired to believe in God.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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