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Nostradamus's Doomsday Gets Plenty of Airtime

Hardly a day goes by without at least one show on the History Channel touting some doomsday scenario and how it was foretold.

Population Control in an Aging Society

Most would agree that conserving resources and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment make sense, but something has gone terribly awry within the Green Movement.

Boy-Man Meets Jimmy Carter on the No. 4 Train

Aren't we all Boy-Men? Aren't we all showing off, doing pull-ups on the hang-on bar of life?

  • Dr. Bill Lawrence |
  • November 04, 2009 |
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Don't Waver in Your Faith

Doubt is a powerful force. It can make us turn from doing the impossible to sinking beneath the waves of fear...

  • Terri J. Haynes |
  • November 03, 2009 |
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Do You Feel Like Raggedy Ann in a Barbie Doll World?

As I speak and sing at women's conferences throughout the country, I have many opportunities to talk with women who feel like Raggedy Ann. They've had the life squeezed from them, but feel obligated to meet life's demands looking like Barbie...

Let the Shaking Begin

Can you feel it? There is a shaking going on throughout the world. And like it or not, God is neither democrat nor republican. He is Spirit and those who worship Him, worship in Spirit and Truth.

"As We See Fit": Hate Crimes Law Opens Many Doors

President Obama's "free to live and love as we see fit" language was set in a context larger than the hate crimes bill. He opened the door far beyond heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual.

They Call That Educational? The Campus Porn Film

A Maryland state senator blocked the showing of an X-rated film at a state university. Predictably, the Washington Post ridiculed him for it. But what’s really at stake here?

Marriage in Maine: Why We’d Better Fight for It

The beautiful old state of Maine faces a battle that will affect us all. But marriage is just one piece of this puzzle. Let me tell you why.

Is the Reformation Over?

Contrary to some contemporary assessments of the importance of the doctrine of justification by faith alone, we recall a different perspective by the sixteenth-century magisterial Reformers...

How the Church Can Embrace Artists and the Arts, Part II

There are a number of reasons why more protestant churches haven't embraced the arts. But in simply addressing why we can move closer to rediscovering the proper place of the arts in the church.

  • J. Scott McElroy |
  • October 29, 2009 |
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One Thing I Hate

Christians Foregoing Facebook for 'Digital Fasting'

In an age when many religious leaders embrace the latest technology and even "tweet" from the pulpit, some are reassessing the potential negative impact of online overload.

Waiting for God’s "Immeasurably More"

Lori was choosing to stay in a dating relationship that was clearly unhealthy and unsafe. I knew God had more in store for Lori. But Lori apparently didn't believe that...

One of the Most Important Principles in Reading the Bible

Sometimes we conclude certain actions guarantee that God will respond to bless us. That is not right.

The Idolatrous Religion of Conscience — A Lutheran Lesson for Us All

The ELCA's new principle of "bound-conscience" actually embraces and leads to what Martin Luther most feared -- a burlesque of conflicting consciences without accountability to the Scriptures.

Domestic Violence within the Church: The Ugly Truth

Pastors need to acknowledge that domestic abuse in the church is a problem, and learn how to counsel women wisely, not just continually tell them to "submit."

Can We Be Happy without Sex?

The idea of a life without sex. Does it sound fulfilling to you? It's a tough sell these days.

Lifting the Gay Ban Would Do a Rank Disservice

Military leaders will almost universally testify that openly homosexual people in the military would have a negative effect on morale.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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