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A Financial Plan for Hard Times: Earn, Save, Give

How should Christians manage their money in tight financial times? The famous preacher John Wesley had the right recipe for Christian money management. It was quite simple...

Finding Your Calcutta

If we empty ourselves, God can reach the hearts and minds of the spiritually poor through you and me right where we are.

The New Atheists' Public Relations Problem

It seems that Richard Dawkins, perhaps the world's most famous living atheist, is launching a campaign to put advertisements for atheism on London city buses. Does he really think it will drive Londoners into atheism?

The Holocaust and the Horror of Thoughtlessness

New evidence shows that Auschwitz's second-in-command didn't hate Jews or have an evil essence. Rather, he was responsible for these evils because he never reflected on the moral character of his actions. This, of course, is nothing new...

The Best Reason for the Church to Stay Out of Politics

I am not suggesting that Christians ought to stay out of politics. Far from it. But only that politics should stop at the front door of the church. We have far bigger fish to fry.

Six Keys to Good Fathering

What do kids need from dad? The following are six keys to strive towards while raising your kids...

Low Self-Esteem at Crisis Levels for Girls

The majority of girls feel they do not measure up in some way including their looks, performance in school and relationships. Most disturbing is that these girls are engaging in harmful and destructive behavior that can leave a lasting imprint on their lives...

Become One with Your Spouse

You're two separate and unique individuals. Yet, the more you embrace the mystery of two becoming one, the more you’ll each grow stronger as people and closer to God...

How Former Witches Want You to Celebrate Halloween

The tragedy remembered by some former witches is that Halloween traditions and symbols can provide too handy of a gateway to the occult. And some children are simply spiritually unprotected because no one ever prays for them.

  • Rebekah Montgomery |
  • October 23, 2008 |
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Should a Church Apologize?

What's Really at Stake in the Gay Marriage Debate? Part 2

Proponents of same-sex marriage now attempt to argue that the only opposition to legalized homosexual marriage comes from conservative Christians pushing a narrow theological agenda. Yet most Christians throughout the history of the church...

Realizing Your Dreams

There are many who wonder if they have been robbed of their dreams. However, if we spend our time lamenting over what might have been instead of what actually is, we will be blind and deaf to what God has for us today.

The Real Hero of the Bible

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard |
  • October 22, 2008 |
  • comments
Competent to Rule: Qualifications of Church Leadership

Good government isn't a given. Not in the state, and not in the church.

What's Really at Stake in the Gay Marriage Debate?

The pictures in the mind change. The pictures in books for children change. The institution of marriage is destabilized and transformed before our eyes -- and especially in the eyes of the young.

Even in Battleground State, Religous Voters Seem Stable

A group of twentysomethings at the Evangelical Free Church of Hershey spoke admiringly about Barack Obama's eloquence, his impulse to heal divides and his historic campaign as a black man nominated for the presidency. But only one in four is voting for him.

How to Heal from Trauma

No matter what kind of trauma you suffer or how it affects you, Jesus cares about what you're going through, and He'll help you with Surviving the Storms of Life.

Death by Love

Take a deeply theological and intensely practical look at how everyone can find hope through the death of Jesus Christ.

  • Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears |
  • October 09, 2008 |
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How Will You Vote?

Are there any parameters that might help us as a nation choose a leader who will take us into the future, for a future, rather than destruction? Let's see what God's Word tells us.

Pastor Answers Call to Free Innocent Prisoners

The Rev. Jim McCloskey has been laboring nearly 30 years to exonerate innocent prisoners. He recently hosted a gathering in his yard to celebrate seven men released from jail in the past two years.

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