From Jay Younts on the Shepherd Press Blog: “in less than two weeks it will be Thanksgiving Day once again. That day begins four weeks stuffed full of events, culminating on Christmas Day. Then, ironically, many will be thankful that the busy holiday season is over. The holiday season places a rather conditional spin on the theme of Thanksgiving. We hope that we will be thankful—assuming that everything works out the way we have anticipated. We will be thankful if the major meals and events of the season go off without a hitch. We will be thankful if that certain annoying relative is not quite so annoying this year. We will be thankful if the year-end bonus is what we hoped for. We will be thankful if we get most of the Christmas presents we would like. We will be thankful if everyone pitches in and helps with all the work that has to be done. In contrast, God’s idea of thanksgiving is not dependent upon your events and circumstances.”

On “Calling for Truth” today, Jay and I will discuss preparing our hearts to be truly thankful.

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