Dallas/FT Worth, TC--A dangerous rift has opened up between society and the Christian church--a moral friction between the Bible's message and the current culture's sense of right and wrong. Questions about God that used to center around His existence are now aimed at His morality. How moral is the God who permits diseases and natural disasters that kill innocent people or the God who allows brutal dictators to rule with an iron fist? At best this God is aloof and uncaring. At worst He is primitive and cruel.

Many in this contemporary culture have concluded that we are actually morally superior to God and that He is less than adequate. Even some in the church have begun to suspect this same thing, that God just may not be that great. But, as people of faith, we have an understanding that helps us bridge the reality of what we see with those realities we do not see. But how are we to communicate this understanding to a skeptical generation?

Our guest on today's broadcast is Dr. Wade Bradshaw, author of Searching for a Better God.

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