Just finished watching my favorite new show of the year--"House" on the Fox Network. We got hooked on it a few weeks ago and now we don't miss it. Tonight's episode focused on two teenagers who are dying from some strange poison. Using every weapon in their arsenal, the doctors desperately try to locate the poison and its source. After some amazing medical sleuthing, and nearly killing one of the patients in the process, they manage to pull both of them through. The lead character, Dr. Gregory House, seems just right as the acerbic, sarcastic, demanding, brilliant medical detective who will say and do anything to save his patients. The show contains some thought-provoking insights about the limits of medical knowledge and the gray area where medicine, law and ethics intersect. How far can you go? How far should you go? In the final scene of tonight's episode, as the mother wheels her recovering son out of the hospital, he sees Dr. House and one of his associates. "Who are they?" he asks. "Those are the arrogant jerks who saved your life," she replies. Perfect ending. Good show. Worth watching if you haven't seen it.

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