I have observed on many occasions that the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is casual when it comes to sexual material in schools. On their website are numerous recommendations for 7-12th graders to read books containing very explicit sexual references (e.g., Rainbow Boys). Twice in five years, GLSEN in Massachusetts has hosted an event where explicit sexual material was available to teens.

And recently, I learned that Kevin Jennings, GLSEN executive director, appears to have contradicted himself regarding a boy named Brewster that he mentions in his book, One Teacher in Ten. In this book, he says Brewster, then 15, told him he was going 45 minutes away from the Concord School where he was a boarding student to meet a gay man at night. Last summer, when questioned about this incident, Mr. Jennings said he did not know the boy was sexually involved with anyone. In fact, he threatened to sue a woman who said he should have reported the Brewster disclosure as sexual abuse. However, in a speech in Iowa several years ago that I recently listened to via recording, he said he did know about Brewster's sexual activity and advised Brewster to use a condom.

Agape press has a story about this issue. Is GLSEN about safety in schools or something else? I think this is a fair question that parents should ask.