Philadelphia abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, will soon have his day in court after being charged with the deaths of seven infants and one woman. Those who allowed him to practice for decades will also have a day of reckoning. Today, Erik Arneson, Communications and Policy Director for Dominic Pileggi, Senate Majority Leader, told me that the Senate will hold a public hearing to find out why Gosnell's abortion clinic went unregulated for years.

Speaking about the grand jury report that detailed the lack of oversight, Arneson said, "The grand jury report shows a massive systematic failure by the state agencies responsible for overseeing this facility. We intend to hold at least one public hearing to examine the problems in detail."

The grand jury report presented by District Attorney Seth Williamsoutlined numerous violations by Gosnell at his Women's Medical Society in West Philadelphia. The facility was said to be dirty with blood stained furniture and floors with unsanitary conditions. Fetal remains were stored in jars throughout according to the report.

Williams' report also provided testimony from PA Department of Health attorneys demonstrating a stunning lack of oversight. Despite warning signs, no action was taken until early last year when federal agents raided Gosnell's clinic. The raids were triggered by the death of a patient in November, 2009. 

Gosnell was arraigned on Thursday, was denied bail, and faces a hearing in February.