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In 1833 Orange Scott, the founder of the Wesleyan Church, felt his conscience aroused by the sudden realization that a great evil had been going on right under his nose and he had not noticed or cared. Looking around at the cheap labor being used to prop up the agricultural machine of the South, Scott declared:


I [feel] it my duty to call the attention of my countrymen to the wrongs and outrages suffered by the wretched slaves of our land, to which I had been so long indifferent and a stranger; that by having a torch light presented to the slumbering national mind, it would be roused to see the evil and defilement of the land, and throw off this great abomination.


Embarrassed by his ignorance of the injustice suffered by those around him, Orange Scott went further:

[I have been] ignorant on the question of slavery...though I am ashamed to confess it. I did not suppose that slavery existed [in my circles]. Indeed, I scarcely knew it existed at all.

Finally, in conviction he proclaimed to anyone who would listen:

Shall we turn our backs on the cause of suffering humanity…? No! Never!

Today, with upwards of 300,000 underage girls being held in sexual slavery in the U.S. alone and with 27 million being trafficked worldwide… Today with teenage girls being salaciously exploited by the same men who sanctimoniously demand their sexual liberation… Today with over 46 million women violated each year by the profiteers of a billion dollar abortion industry…Today is perhaps the day for us to remember the lesson of Orange Scott, pray for a conscience, awaken from our national slumber and set aside our indifference to the evils that defile our land and stop turning our backs on the cause of suffering humanity.