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I was recently criticized in a blog for the following statement in the OKWU student handbook. "Oklahoma Wesleyan University affirms the exemplar and standard of heterosexual monogamy within the context of marriage as the singular, healthy, and holy expression of human sexuality."


The blogger went on to say that by virtue of this statement we are forcing students and faculty to deny themselves and their true identity. 


Here is an excerpt of my response that you might find interesting.


Why do we persist in making the tired and rather silly claim that anyone is forcing people to deny themselves and their identity when all that is being said (and rightly so) is that the choice of a given sexual behavior is just that - a behavioral choice.


There are lots of behaviors that we (and society at large) set aside because we believe them to be wrong. Likewise, there are lots of behaviors that we embrace because we believe them to be right. None of these behaviors, however, represent who we "are". You can choose or not choose to hate or love, lie or tell the truth and likewise you can choose or not choose to have sex in marriage, out of marriage, aside from marriage, with your wife or with your mistress but these decisions, while they may have a lot to do with your proclivities, temptations and desires, have nothing to do with your identity. These are choices - pure and simple. They represent your behavior!  Not your being!


Minorities - true minorities - should be offended by the talking heads and elites of our day who have hoodwinked the "average Joe" into believing this fallacious pabulum about preferred sexual behaviors being somehow equivalent to the color of one's skin or the physiology of one's gender.