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Dr. John Garvey, president of the Catholic University of America, says, “[recreational sex] is getting to be as common as drinking [on our college campuses]….”

Citing multiple studies, Garvey points out that students in co-ed dorms are involved in binge drinking more than twice as often as students in single-sex housing. He says that co-ed residents are likewise “twice as likely to have had three or more sexual partners in the last year.” Adding weight to his concerns, Garvey expresses dismay that depression for young women who have had multiple sexual partners is “almost double the rate for women who have had none.”

The solution to this mess, says President Garvey: “Next year all freshmen at The Catholic University of America will be assigned to single-sex residence halls.”

It always causes me to smile a bit when common sense causes others to affirm what Oklahoma Wesleyan has been doing for the past 100 years.

  • Co-ed dorms leading to promiscuous behavior?! Who would have thought?
  • Drinking as a precursor to teenagers having sex like rabbits? Never would have guessed!
  • Young women who are being used as sex objects feeling depressed as the result? Now there’s a news flash!
  • The next thing we're going to find out is that adultery actually breaks up marriages and immoral sexual activity actually spreads STDs. Wouldn’t that be shocking!

As Forrest Gump told us, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Should any of us be shocked that taking thousands of teenagers and putting them in unsupervised co-ed dorms while providing them with copious amounts of alcohol, and then placing them in classrooms where “learned” professors laud the merits of libertine sex is, well, stupid?


Bad Ideas always lead to bad behavior and Dr. Garvey is learning that our nation’s college students are clearly bearing the consequences of some very bad – or should I say, stupid - ideas.