Speaker and author Ann Kiemel comforted others with the comfort she herself received from the Lord (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). Now this woman with the soft voice and strong faith is in heaven, receiving her eternal reward.

Ann passed away Saturday after a difficult battle with cancer – but most of you know her because she so openly and bravely shared about her battle with infertility.

Through her books (she sold more than 20 million of them) and her numerous times on our broadcast, she told her story of multiple miscarriages.

In Ann’s words: “I knew I had a choice; I could make sorrow my friend or my enemy. Sorrow could make me hard and cold and bitter… or sorrow could be my best friend and teach me things I had never known before. I reached out and took sorrow’s hand…”

It’s truly a courageous woman eager to embrace all that God might have for her who is willing to humbly learn from sorrow.

Emptied of herself, God was able to bring joy to Ann’s life through the gift of adoption. Together with her husband, Will, the couple ultimately adopted four baby boys from four different moms. As she told her audiences, she couldn’t have loved those boys more had they been her own flesh and blood. After her husband died of cancer in 2000, Ann worked hard to make ends meet as a single mom with the same faith that had characterized her entire life.

I want to end today’s post with a link to one of our broadcasts featuring this tender warrior who loved the Lord deeply. In “How Can I Change?”, Ann Kiemel shares her story of finding joy in adoption after the grief of infertility. The principles Ann shares in her story will reverberate within you, no matter what your personal struggle is, so I encourage you to listen to this broadcast online.

Please join me in praying for Ann’s four sons, Taylor, Brandt, Brock and Colson, and her twin sister, Jan, who are now dealing with the pain of her passing.

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