You have to see this new video. It’s a message from 15 people with Down syndrome to a pregnant mom who just received a prenatal diagnosis that the son she carries may have the condition.

In it, these young men and women assure the mom that her son can be happy… that he will be able to do many things… that he will be able to hug her and love her.

It’s a message that, unfortunately, many of these moms and dads reeling from this prenatal diagnosis don’t hear. Tragically, more than 90 percent of pre-born babies with Down syndrome are aborted.

“Dear Future Mom” has been released to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day, and it’s causing viewers to see for themselves how promising and joyful the lives of those with the condition can be. Take a look for yourself (and if you’re visiting on a mobile device, you can watch the video here).

Another video that ties into this topic is one that debuted on my blog earlier this week – “A Father’s Sacrifice” tells the real-life story of a father who died saving the life of his son with Down syndrome. It drives home a simple, yet powerful, truth: every life is valuable in God’s eyes.

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