Posted by Jim_Daly Sep 21, 2012

Do you have a home improvement project planned for this weekend?Handyman2.jpg

When it comes to fixing or building things around the house, the late writer, Andy Rooney, once identified five categories of people. 

Which one best describes you?

1. The person who knows how to do it, and proceeds quietly and efficiently to get the job done right, alone. This is a rare species.

2. The helpless. This person can't do it, won't try to do it, and has no interest in learning how. At least his or her position is clear. Nothing is expected of this person.

3. The good helper. There are people who won't tackle a job alone, but who are good and willing helpers. Very valuable.

4. The person who does jobs around the house, but always needs help. "Helen, hand me the hammer."

5. The bystander. This is the person who doesn't ever do a job but is always there, commenting on how it should be done.

Andy concluded by stating, "I think of myself as a Category 1, but notice a good many characteristics of the Category 4 in me."

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