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The late UCLA basketball legend John Wooden enjoyed incredible success as a coach.wooden2.jpg He won ten championships in a twelve-year period and finished his career with an astonishing record of 664-162. A man of strong Christian conviction, Coach Wooden received his eternal promotion in 2010 at the age of 99.

He once wrote something that strikes me as a fitting lesson for parents as well as players and coaches.

Can you relate?

If I could go back and pick one single day in my life -- in sports -- to live over again, my choice might surprise you.

Here's the day I would pick...joyjourney.jpg

I would conduct one more day of practice in the gym. For each day of practice was, by far, the most fulfilling, exciting, and memorable thing I did as a coach -- teaching those under my supervision how to achieve success as members of a team. "The journey is better than the inn..." for me. Cervantes had it right. My joy was in the journey.

How about for you?

Is the source of your own happiness -- joy?

Is it in your journey or only in the prize, the inn?

- John Wooden

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