Posted by Jim_Daly Jan 10, 2012




More and more, the desire grows in me simply to walk around, greet people, enter their homes, sit on their doorsteps, play ball, throw water, and be known as someone who wants to live with them. It is a privilage to have the time to practice the simple ministry of presence.frontporch.jpg

Still, it is not as simple as it seems.

My own desire to be useful, to do something significant, or to be part of some impressive project is so strong that soon my time is taken up in meetings, conferences, study groups, and workshops that prevent me from walking the streets. It is difficult not to have plans, not to organize people around an urgent cause and not to feel you are working directly for social progress.

But, I wonder more and more, if the first thing that should be is to know people by name, to eat and drink with them, to listen to them, to listen to their stories and tell your own, and to let them know with words, handshakes, and hugs that you do not simply like them, but you truly love them,

- Henri J.M. Nouwen, Gracias, pp. 147-148

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