Once upon a time Rick Guidotti was a fashion photographer taking pictures of those that many considered the most beautiful.

I’m sure the images pop into your head: people who are tall and toned and tanned.

But thankfully, Rick has a mind of his own. He had an idea.

It was about 15 years ago when he considered photographing a woman with a disability. That’s when he realized how medical textbooks coldly document men, women and children with physical and genetic abnormalities. He said it was like the people portrayed in the pictures were stripped of their humanity and reduced to whatever “defect” they had.

So Rick set out to do something about it. He decided to redefine beauty by giving people with disabilities a chance to shine on their own merits.

The results are inspiring. Now Rick dedicates his career to taking pictures that convey the humanity and “gorgeousness” in all types of people. His photographs are helping others see that beauty, too.

I can’t help but think that that beauty is what God sees when He looks at all of us, too.

To watch an interview with Rick Guidotti click here. If you’re visiting on a mobile device, you can watch the video at this link.

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