It’s a minute-long video that shares a reality some would want to deny.

In this clip from “Irreplaceable,” Focus on the Family’s first movie debuting in a one-night event on May 6, host Tim Sisarich talks with Dr. Anne Moir, a neuropsychologist. (Those of you visiting from a mobile device can watch the clip here.)

And yet, there are some professionals who claim that “saying there are differences in male and female brains is just not true.” These voices believe the differences between men and women are learned and shaped through culture.

Which view is correct? Are men and women different? Does each side of humanity serve a unique role? Did God create us this way, or is it all a matter of nature versus nurture?

These are timely and important questions that ultimately impact our everyday lives. As the New York Times has reported, we are already seeing a push towards gender neutrality in Swedish schools – and it’s only a matter for those trends to more strongly reach our shores here in the United States.

“Irreplaceable” and its follow-up companion DVD curriculum, “The Family Project,” explore topics like these, making them an invaluable resource for Christians who want to learn directly from experts and better defend their Bible-based views.

You can buy your tickets for the May 6 event online at We will be showing the film in more than 700 cinemas across the nation. I hope you, your family and friends will join us!



Learn about “Irreplaceable,” the one-night theatrical event showing on May 6

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