As an unapologetically, unswervingly pro-life organization, we disagree strongly with the Obama administration that free access to drugs that can cause abortions makes women or society healthier or safer. Obama1.jpg

Today’s announcement seems to be an acknowledgement by the White House that it went too far in disregarding the deeply held values, and constitutionally protected conscience rights, of religious organizations and individuals. Still, we are not convinced this tweak to the proposed policy, when analyzed at a level deeper than simple sound bites, truly addresses the religious-liberty concerns that have been raised.

There is a limit to what government can compel its citizens to do – and not do – particularly in matters of faith and freedom. It’s in the best interest of all Americans, of every ideological stripe, that it not be crossed.

Time will tell if the administration is serious about righting the wrong it had proposed; if it is not, we will be among the first to seek to persuade it to do so. In the meantime, we are mindful that religious liberties are not something any president has the legal authority to recognize or deny; they are granted to all citizens by the Constitution. That’s why we will continue to support efforts under way in Congress to pass legislation that would affirm all Americans’ inalienable rights of conscience protection.

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