1. You don't have to be all that  great on Monday morning.

2.  By about 11 o'clock Tuesday morning, you will have forever forgotten this weekend anyway.

3. Routine, Structure, and Taking Care of Business are a solid blessing in anyone's life.

4. Friday's about 90% a weekend day anyway -- meaning you're really only four days away from a whole new  weekend!

5. God loves you, and has put you in exactly the place, time, and condition that he knows will, in the end, prove perfectly ideal for you.


(I've lately developed a habit of posting something new here before people have had a chance [if they care] to check out Le' Latest ala' Moi. That's usually Cool Enough, for sure. But in this one instance, if you happen to have missed my Most Excellent photo of an Undeniably Evil Tree, I feel safe in saying you'll have a good time if you visit here.)

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