I keep forgetting to communicate this, but this Saturday (4/19) I'm going to be babbling speaking at the San Diego Christian Writer's Guild "Spring Fellowship Event." Here's the scam on the skinny:

Spring Brunch/Fellowship
April 19, 10:30 am-1:30 pm
Faith Chapel Activity Center
9400 Campo Road, Spring Valley, Ca. 91977
Cost: $10.00 per person
email for more info: jennie@rgillespie.net

The subject of my talk will be, "Ticking People Off: Genetic Propensity, or Learned Behavior?"

Just kidding. It'll be, "Always Prepared: Why I Wear Asbestos Underpants."


It'll be, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Was Dorothy a Lesbian?"

Okay, fine. What I'll really  be talking about is writing, and "making it" as a writer, and writing for the Christian market, and what all like that. Come out if you can! I'd love to see you, and I know the folks in this huge, very active collective of Christian writers will right away make you glad you popped by.


Comment/tell me how desperately you've longed to meet me in person here.