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In the nearly three years I've been writing this blog, I've never recommended anything for purchase. But about three weeks ago I brought the New Advent CD-ROM, and it's such an extraordinary resource that I wanted to be sure to bring it to your attention this Christmas season.

Contained on this one disc are: the 38-volume collection, The Church Fathers; St. Thomas Aquinas's The Summa Theologica; Douay-Rheims (English) and Vulgate (Latin) versions of the Bible; and the entire Catholic Encyclopedia.

I don't know if you've ever used the online Catholic Encyclopedia, but ... well, here's what you'll find under just the letter "A." It's just an insanely deep reference work, first published in (I believe) 1913.

The New Advent CD-ROM is on sale, right now, for an amazing $29.99. Shipping's free (!). So I had to say something. It's just so great.

(P.S. I feel stupid even saying this, but I know how some of my fellow [Protestant] Christians get about All Things Catholic. So ... but, you know what? Never mind. Anyone, Christian or not, who can't see the value of a collection like this wouldn't ever read it anyway.)


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