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John Shore

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Must We Pray for Our Enemies?

How important is it that we pray for those whom we know do, or have, meant us harm?

How Can We Increase Our Compassion for Others?

What can we do to help us see others not with our eyes, but God's?

Why Did I Pray for Emily?

What do we think happens, really, when we pray for others?

Drunk Driving Wrong? We'll Drink to That

"A quick side-of-the-coffee-cup calculation shows that, taken altogether, I am sitting within walking distance of 763,000 quadrillion gallons of booze, give or take a shot."

Waiting for the Next

What in the world was I afraid of?

It's a Miracle!

Right here. Right now.

When the Views of Fellow Christians Aren't Yours

How are we to engage with Christians whose ideas of Christianity differs from ours.

My Foolproof Method for Avoiding Low Self-Esteem

I’ve always sort of instinctively rejected the premise that anyone is inherently better than anyone else. And if no one’s better than anyone else, then no one’s worse than anyone else. And that includes me.

My (Real) End of the World Letter

The last thing I would write online

Why Should Christians Confess Their Sins?

Confession is how we bring ourselves back into communion with God.

10 Ways Christians Fail to be Christian and Other Such Essays

My new $2.99 ebook. (Yayeth!)

Why Pastors Struggle With Confronting Domestic Violence

Here are six reasons well-meaning pastors might give the worst possible advice to victims of domestic violence.

An Abused Wife Twice Betrayed: Once by Her Husband, and Again by Her Pastor

How many men does it take to ruin the life of a woman and her four children? In this case, two.

What Do Christians Do With the Jews?

Here's how the big boys do it.

Speaking of Speaking in Tongues

A reader asks what I think of speaking in tongues.

How to Find the Right Church for You

A few pointers on what to do if you're a new Christian looking for a church.

Thank God You Don't Know God

This is the perfect time to think about the unknowable nature of God.

Why I Put My Book "I'm OK - You're Not" Back on Sale

First I was selling my book. Then I wasn't. Now I am again. Here's the skam on that particular skinny.

Pastor Ray Ortlund Jr. On My "Jesus: 'Why Do I Allow Evil?'" Video

Dr. Ray Ortlund Jr., of "The Gospel Coalition," responds to my video of Jesus explaining why he allows evil to exist.

"Hop": So Racist It Hurts

The message of this movie couldn't be worse.

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