Okay, the questions aren't so tough. But on her blog Through My Eyes , Ingrid Moore Curry -- Ohioan, music fanatic, snooty people hater, Ving Rhames rebounder, proud member of The Secret Council Of American Negroes -- did  ask me a few questions in the course of interviewing me as her Writer of the Month for May.

It is a mystery to me how, in the course of our short e-chat, I went from talking about the difficult relationship between The Great Commission and The Great Commandment to talking getting hunted down by torch-wielding villagers and beaten to death with sticks. Shows Ingrid's genius as an interviewer, I think.

To anyone else who would like to interview me as their  Writer/Genius of the Month (or of the year, or whatever), I'd like to say do it!  Right now!

Thank you. Thangyaverymuch.


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