In the last three days, these are what someone somewhere typed into a search engine (which then brought them here to my blog):

Bad word bug wiggles [From some kind of deranged entomologist?]

If you love someone you do not want them [From the world's worst love advice columnist?]

Did Mr. Ed have a wife? [From the world's most romantic horse breeder?]

My husband is suddenly ugly at 46 [Yikes. Poor guy. I hate it when that happens.]

Jerk christian way of loving drug yahoo [From the world's worst worst group drug counseling patient?]

What to do if a guy wants to end the tea [From the world's worst bed & breakfast owner?]

How to stop someone from trying to cave [From the world's most desperate psychiatrist?]

Squirrels of the white lawn [From the world's worst writer of horror book titles?]

Picture woody woodpecker bird [From the world's worst dream therapist?]

Sneak into charity parties [From the world's worst party guest?]

Man fit tight pants [Sorry. No joke comes to mind.]

Atheists are wrong [From the world's worst Christian apologist?]

Not reformable [From the world's worst prison warden?]

Where to buy ground squirrels [From the world's worst zoo manager?]

Christmas caroling and forks [From the world's worst person to sing Christmas carols to?]

A list of the most devastating things [From the world's worst singer of "My Favorite Things"?]

Deep pick-up lines [From the world's worst guy to hit on you in a bar?]

And finally (and I'm not kidding):

Crazy search terms.

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