Oops. This is the part where I'm supposed to say something more than I said in the teaser to lure you here.


So, to recap, then: I seem to be suffering from Blog Burnout. Which makes sense, I guess: Over the last six months I’ve posted about 120 pieces here. So I'm gonna go persona non-bloggis until Monday, Oct. 8.

See ya' then!

(Oh, I wanted to say. I would love for anyone to go back and read some of the earlier stuff that went up here before anyone really knew I was here. I like a lot of the stuff in "Autobiography," for instance [for sure one of my favorite pieces (is that obnoxious to say?) is Baby Hitchiker, which about no one read]. And the whole thing on coyotes cracked me up when I was writing it.)

Anyway, of course poke around if you're inclined. And I'll be checking my comments and all, if anyone ... well, cares. Thanks.

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