Pastors, church and ministry leaders: Please stop using the Bible (if you do, or ever have) as a means of keeping women in physically abusive relationships.

If you believe in hell---that working in direct opposition to the will of God means spending eternity roasting alive---then, on behalf of the abused women who've written me in response to my recent series on why women stay in abusive relationships, please consider that Jesus---hero of the oppressed, champion of the meek, defender of the weak, Deliverer, Lamb, Advocate, Protector, Chief Shepherd, Prince of Peace, giver of the Great Commandment---reserves a place in the lowest reaches of hell for anyone who uses his good and honorable name as a justification for evil.

A stronger, more powerful person beating a weaker person is the purest definition of the purest evil.

You might, through your arrogant, morally misguided perversion of the Bible, be able to talk someone into believing that God ever supports and desires that evil. I wish I could be there when you try to talk God into the same thing.

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