In my last post, Atheists/Rationalists: Don't Too Readily Dismiss the Believer, I made the point that religion gives the believer at least one life tool that's universally valued and necessarily unavailable to the atheist/rationalist.

But (life being what it is), there's another side to ye old Religion vs. Atheism coin.

Atheists have championed what we Christians too easily surrender: the sacredness of thought that's uncompromisingly rational and unapologetically independent. Too often we believers commit the sin of intellectual indolence. The Bible is difficult to decipher---so we accept as (so to speak) gospel whatever our pastor tells us it says. A logically unassailable theology is difficult to reason through---so we substitute the clamorous fervor of emotion for the quiet discipline of studied comprehension. Understanding the evolution of our theology takes dedicated time and effort---so we rapturously focus on the future we can't study rather than study the history we might.

Bringing to bear upon his speculation the full host of his powers, the rationalist is galvanized by his experiencing of a truth that Christians are long overdue embracing as divine: The moment you think you know everything, you know nothing.

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