If you're a Christian driven to evangelize to nonbelievers, beware of the devilishly smooth transition between glorifying God and glorifying yourself. It's a seamless slide from "God is good! Let him save you!" to "God and I are good! Let us save you!"

The moment you begin to proselytize to a person, you will likely catch a heady buzz. And though it might feel like it, that buzz will not be coming from the joy of sharing God's love. Its cause will be the dizzying one-two punch of knowing that you've made yourself the focus of that person's attention, and that you're meddling deep into that person's life.

You're the star. You've got the answers. You're wise and all-knowing. You have what that person needs. You can solve all their problems. You're the person they need to listen to. 

Good for you! You've got the power!

Bad for God. You're acting like he doesn't.


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