Remember my New Year's Resolution to finally take over the world? (If not, see New Year's Resolution #1: Take Over World.) You may have scoffed at my ambitions. Well, chuckle it up while you can, giggle-face! Because while you've been lolling about, eating pizza, surfing the web, and wondering what the word "loll" actually means, I've been stealthily executing Plan A.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the major, international media outlet The Pakistan Spectator approached me for an interview. I had their questions answered and sent back to them before I'd finished that morning's cup of coffee.

Hey: You snooze, you lose your chance at world domination. (And, in retrospect, I now see it's best to wait until I've had coffee before doing any major online interviews. I know this knowledge will serve to make me an even wiser dictator.)

Read my interview with The Pakistani Spectator here -- if you dare!

(Oh: the "First Germany. Then Korea." thing refers to how one of my books -- Penguins -- has been translated into German and Korean. Another of my books, I'm OK-You're Not, is also being translated into Korean.)

Now, on to some of the Canadian provinces!!


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