So today I was sorting and pricing books at one of the thrift stores run by my wife. While thus engaged I was thinking, "Wow. People sure are interested in sex, sexual roles, gender identification ... all that. Well, duh. No surprise there. And Christians, of course, are famous for being a little too  worried about who's doing what with whom." (If you're just joining us, this is the train of thought I hopped on with The Sexual Lives of Others: Like Catnip to Everyone---Even Christians.)

As I was thinking about this sort of thing, I was also mindlessly flipping through the books, checking for pen marks or ripped pages, or cash whatever. And at the moment  I was considering the wisdom of so many Christians spending so much time worrying about stuff like The Gay Agenda, I picked up and opened a Scholastic "Touch-and-Feel Book," and saw staring back at me this:




That God. He thinks he's sooooooo funny.

And he soooooooo is.


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