Ahhh ... Turkey Day. I'll be having salami, but still. It's good to have a day dedicated to being thankful. I ...

Whoa! Cat (wife) just awokened. I hear her in our bedroom, awakenizing. (It's 6:30 a.m.)

So, cool. She has the next ELEVEN DAYS OFF!! WHOO-FREAKIN'-WHOOO!!

And now I'm outta here, cuz ... awakeninzed wife.

Quicky, though, here are the things I'm thankful for that are popping into my head as I type them:

The power and majesty of a God that galvanizes and supports all life.

These socks I'm wearing. Quite thick.


Music. (Cat, up and at 'em, just turned on one of our old GRP Jazz Christmas albums).

Indoor plumbing. (It's cold.)

That my writing allows me not to have to get a real job.

That I'm healthy.

That (even better) Cat's healthy.

That I'm not in jail. You cannot beat not being in jail.

That this is the 30th Holiday Season that Cat and I have been together. THIRTY!!

What is the deal with time, anyway?

I'm very thankful that I have this way of communicating with people that, even though I don't actually know them know them, I nonetheless feel fully with me, every day.

Love to you all today!

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