God designed us with absolute and inviolate free will so that we could choose to be in relationship with him; the fidelity of a person who has no choice but to give it is worthless. God desires a real relationship with us, not one of zombie automaton to controlling master.

Granting us absolute and inviolate free will means granting us absolute and inviolate autonomy. That's why God arranged for us to come into this world from nothing, and to leave it again into what we can only call a mystery. That's the only way for us to remain truly, permanently, organically autonomous.

It's also why God doesn't ever, in any objective, empirically verifiable way, "prove" he exists to anyone. Because then whomever he proved that to would have no choice but to believe in him---meaning their free will had been severely compromised. Which would render them unsuitable for a relationship.

Again, we're meant to choose to be in relationship with God.

People are forever getting their relationship with God backwards. It's supposed to be brain first, and then emotion.

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