As partially recounted here, I just moved into an apartment complex. In the laundry room of this complex is a modest stack of books and magazines you can read whilst awaiting your fresh laundry. In that stack I today found a trade-sized paperback, entitled, "Pilar Wayne's Favorite and Fabulous Recipes" (1982, PAX Publishing Company, Costa Mesa, CA). Pilar Wayne, I read, was married to Hollywood icon John Wayne, from 1954 to 1976. Besides being married to America's Cowboy, she was also apparently quite the cook.

And she had signed the book, too! There was her name, right below, "And to my children for testing the recipes and being my most severe critics."

Evidently, one of the things that Pilar particularly enjoyed making was the fish dish above, which I'm sure is delicious. The recipe is below. In glancing through it I saw the intriguing ingredients, "2 envelopes unflavored gelatin," "1/2 cup mayonnaise," and "tabasco," but that was all I had time to read before my clothes were ready and I had to leave.

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