Hey, all. I'm going to be doing a live phone-interview in ... well, an hour (being 5 p.m. PST, doncha know) with Myia J, host of "Walking Through the Madness." You can read about and listen (when it happens) to that show here. Ms. J read my book, I'm OK--You're Not: The Message We're Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop; she decided I was the greatest authorial genius in the history of people miraculously spelling "authorial" right on their first try; she asked if I'd be the guest on her show for tonight; I pretended to see if I had anything on my schedule ever ... and now here we are! She tells me we'll be talking about "I'm OK," and I believe her. Cool! Fun! (The hour-long interview will be available as a free iTunes download on Monday.)